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Deborah Nason is a seasoned general business and investment industry journalist, writing since 2001. Based in the NY metro area, she has been awarded the Investment Foundations™ certificate from the CFA Institute. Ms. Nason has owned several small businesses and holds an M.A. in Management and Human Resource Development. She is a board member of the NY chapter of the American Society of Business Publication Editors, an online instructor for Post University, and the author of THE PEOPLE'S GUIDE TO FINDING THE RIGHT FINANCIAL ADVISOR.

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AUTHOR PAGE 2022 DEI Awards: Diversity Champions Best Places to work for financial Advisers, 2022, 50+ employees, 30-49 employees, 15-29 employees: profiles 1-5 Invest in Others 2021 - 12 finalist profiles 40 Under 40, 2021 - 20 finalist profiles Innovative Firm Finalists, 13 profiles pp. 13-15 Invest in Others awards 2020 finalist profiles - Lifetime Achievement category Invest in Others awards 2020 finalist profiles - Volunteer of the Year category Invest in Others awards 2020 finalist profiles - Global Impact category Invest in Others awards 2020 finalist profiles - Community Service category Invest in Others awards 2020 finalist profiles - Catalyst category Best Places to Work 2020 (Top 5 profiles for each category) Icons & Innovators 2020 (10 Innovator profiles) Women to Watch awards 2019 Invest in Others awards 2019 Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion awards 2019 - "Rising Stars" and "See It, Be It Role Models" profiles 40 Under 40, 2019, 20 profiles Best Places to work for financial Advisers, 2019, 50+ employees: profiles 1-5 Best Places to work for financial Advisers, 2019, 30-49 employees: profiles 1-5 Best Places to work for financial Advisers, 2019 15-29 employees: profiles 1-5 Icons & Innovators 2019 (10 Innovator profiles) Women to Watch Awards 2018 (10 profiles) Invest in Others Awards 2018 (15 indiv profiles) Diversity profile: From collecting autographs to advising LGBTs Best Places to work for financial Advisers, 2018, 50+ employees: profiles 1-3 Best Places to work for financial Advisers, 2018, 30-49 employees: profiles 1-3 Best Places to work for financial Advisers, 2018 15-29 employees: profiles 1-5 Diversity profile: Her road to financial advice was paved by her Vietnamese parents Icons & Innovators 2017 (14 Innovator profiles) Women to Watch Awards 2017 Invest in Others Awards 2017 Icons & Innovators 2016 (14 Innovator profiles) Women to Watch Awards 2016 Community Leadership Awards 2016 Women to Watch Awards 2015 Community Leadership Awards 2015 Community Leadership Awards 2014 Community Leadership Awards 2013 Community Leadership Awards Finalists: Volunteer of the Year Community Leadership Awards Finalists: Mentoring Excellence Community Leadership Awards Finalists: Global Community Impact Community Leadership Awards Finalists: Volunteer Team Community Leadership Awards Finalists: Community Service Community Leadership Awards Special Report Take a family-centered approach when working with Indian-Americans The real estate expert is in the house Measuring a client's financial health Africa pure plays emerging for retail audience Reaching out to Generation X and Y investors Program helps women cope with 'life transitions' Investors are taking the "slow' approach Growth area for advisers: 'Accidental entrepreneurs' Parents are upbeat about meeting college costs, but advisers skeptical Advisers seen as key to success of 'impact investing' Coexisting with a CPA parent a challenge for advisers CPAs continue to add planning to their practices Financial studies flourish at academies 2010 Community Leadership Awards profiles 2009 Community Leadership Awards profile: Volunteer of the Year 2009 Community Leadership Awards profile: Volunteer Team 2009 Community Leadership Awards profile: Community Service 2009 Community Leadership Awards profile: Mentoring Excellence FPA chapter creates planning ambassadors Peru, despite growing economy, draws mixed reviews Permanent U.S. residents represent adviser opportunity Taking a broad view of 'environmentally friendly' Carbon emissions trading becomes hot New service connects advisers with buyers, hires Nigeria's financial services industry is booming Senior citizens' living sector may be safe haven Community investment goes mainstream Green financial instruments getting their day in the sun Financial firms going 'green' to win clients Iceland getting back on track as place to invest Advisers discovering benefits to an 'under one roof' model Ya, mon, sun shines on Caribbean economies Muslims have pent-up demand for financial services Investing in Africa: Is now the time to jump in? Elder care becoming focus for advisers Corporate scandals give rise to fiduciary consulting Niche planners target low- to moderate-income market Biodiesel industry heats up as number of plants rises Turnkey asset management programs taking off Charitable rollover provides opportunity for giving Financial-gerontology program attracts advisers Long-term care starts to take on a homier look Advisers said to overlook middle-class minorities

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AUTHOR PAGE Here are some things to think about before deciding to retire in another state Over 10 years, 43% of first marriages can fail. Here’s why couples might want a postnuptial agreement Here’s how those looking to ‘age in place’ can fund home health-care services Most Americans want to ‘age in place’ at home. Here’s how to plan your support systems ‘Your loved ones will already be in a state of trauma.’ The ramifications of dying without a will Here’s how ABLE accounts, special needs trusts differ ... and how they can work together Creating a special needs trust? Here are the costs, what you need to know and who to use Here’s the type of insurance you’ll need at each stage of life, experts say Getting a divorce? Here’s how to tackle those money issues Buying your first home? Here’s what you need to know Remarrying? Here are financial considerations to keep in mind before saying ‘I do’ When it comes to a will or estate plan, don’t just set it and forget it If you have a child with special needs, here’s how to plan for their life after you pass Waiting to talk finance with an aging parent in cognitive decline is a mistake, experts say These financial advisors give newlyweds the ultimate wedding gift: financial compatibility Experts offer crucial money advice college graduates need to hear but never get How to navigate the world of sustainable investing ratings Here’s how companies factor in environmental, social and corporate governance concerns ‘Sustainable investing’ is surging, accounting for 33% of total U.S. assets under management These advisors actually ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to socially responsible investing Here’s how you can size up climate change to tap into smart investment opportunities Shareholders challenge the companies they invest in to promote good in the world Here’s what you need to know about impact investing, where returns are not the only reward How advisors figure out which ESG funds are a good fit for socially conscious clients and their portfolios Sustainable investing is surging. How to decide if it’s right for you More financial advisors are turning to insurance products to boost fixed income for clients Advisors are bullish on real estate for steady cash. Here's why you should be, too In a search for fixed income, advisors look beyond mainstream bond funds More investors stock up on non-traditional bonds and strategies Now may be the time to use bonds in portfolios Think markets are moody? How about investors? Here's how to properly handle that sudden cash windfall After 11th-hour tax reforms, advisors worked to calm clients Referred to a financial advisor? Here's what you should ask Generations tech: Talking to Gen X, millennial clients Millennials and Gen Xers need different advisor approaches Single? Married? Divorced? How and when to claim Social Security Advisory firms turn to life coaches, psychologists Private equity opportunities rise in high-net-worth sector Considering long-term care coverage? Here's a reality check Advisors weigh in on the Wall St. Journal's critique of Morningstar ratings Reverse mortgages: Opportunities and concerns Think you're not rich enough to need a will? Think again Tackling your employee benefits and perks Advisors turn to alternative investments for clients The ripple effects of Trump's alternative minimum tax repeal These tactics will protect retirement income from taxes Pros and cons of paying off mortgage before retirement The 401(k) follies: The right and wrong way to save What actions help make a financial advisor trustworthy? Advisors prepare young clients for $30 trillion transfer of wealth Smartest, dumbest things people do with 401(k) funds Innovative approaches to protecting retiree portfolios How advisors prepare client portfolios for retirement More advisors adding 'financial counseling' to services menu Manage risk, and investor quirks, decade by decade The pros, cons of using target-date funds in 401(k) plans Weighing the pros and cons of active portfolio management Do advisor clients really understand their risk tolerance? Advisors weigh pros, cons of hedge funds in portfolios Should you save for retirement or your kids' college costs? Beyond health, home and auto, what insurance do you need? Beware of bad financial advice from friends and family Plenty of confusion about good debt vs. bad debt Why it's important to review workplace benefits in October You may have a 401(k) plan, but you probably don't 'get it' 401(k) nightmares: What NOT to do with retirement-plan cash Advisor designations: What does 'certified' really mean? Getting remarried? Protect your assets and your interests When — and why — to leave your financial advisor Catch-22: Too young to retire, too old to rehire Do you know what a financial advisor actually does? What retirement? Americans keep working to pursue dreams Impact investing: Put your money where your values are Retirees should look carefully before leaping into a relocation Millennial entrepreneurs driven by purpose as much as profits More financial advisors are learning the ABCs of TAMPs Need job advice? Try turning to your financial advisor for help Need career coaching? Find your perfect professional fit Starting a business? Don't get caught by these surprises 'Passion investing' in classic cars is gaining speed Jay Leno wannabes? Classic car market goes into overdrive Funding a start-up from your 401(k) can be risky business Worried you’ll outlive assets? Consider a longevity annuity The ABCs of DPPs: The rise of a new alternative asset class What to look for in a financial advisor—according to advisors Is your advisor prepared to handle cyberattacks? From 'buckets' to 'paychecks,' advisors explain portfolio tacks Are millennials more risk-averse than other investors? It's never too early—or late—to plan for your retirement years Should you pay off your mortgage early? Maybe not Advisors ease emotional hurdles of retirement Are bonds in your retirement plan? They should be 'Mind-mapping' connects advisors with clients Savvy advisory firms have an effective PR plan Advisors put insurance on menu to cater to clients Social Security is a hot topic for concerned, aging boomers Advisor, therapist ... soul mate? Unique takes on client relations Want more clients? Use these social media strategies Wacky investment ideas that will make you go, 'Hmmm ...' Careful planning can ease retirement's health costs How—and whether—to invest in rare stamps and coins As alternatives go mainstream, investors scratch their heads You can have it all: Investing in ways that make you feel good Transition stress? Advisors can guide clear decisions Boomers with aging parents seek advisors' elder-care expertise Zeroing in on Gen X and millennials, advisors get innovative More 'niche' advisors focusing on women's financial empowerment Niche knack: Looking to grow, advisors start to specialize Out of work? Advisors offer important 401(k) dos, don'ts The truth hurts: When an advisor tells a client they can't retire How to avoid estate, will blunders Not always a rose: Avoiding thorny asset-liquidation issues in divorce Caring for kids, parents, sandwich generation savers pressed for time Advisors help with ups and downs of modern retirement Avoid these 8 retirement screwups Student loan debt may stifle retirement savings Collaborative divorce can ease emotional, economic stress How to handle sudden wealth

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